A couple of good lowbudget albums and countless memorable concerts were notenough for The Hot Dogs! you will pass at the time of group promise. The inexperienceof its components and a scene that was alien to them did they disappear byspontaneous combustion. The perspective that give some years more and the feelingof unfinished work have been reason enough to lock back in the rehearsal and returnto composing new songs.
And here is the result, the third installment of Urretxu, the third and final collection ofsongs that finally held accountable with themselves. Kaki Arkarazo has recorded andimpeccably produced a record full of strength and energy from the first to the lastsong. No song stands out above other, ten disc cuts are real talented compositions,where merge successful riffs with Jon Iturbe peculiar voice that takes out all the feelingof the romantic outsider but forgetting artifice. If add the way in which IñigoAguirrebalzategi with Iker Álvarez (formerly bass) guitar is joint with Carlos on bass andIñaki Urizabal battery (that value always safe) rest assured that these new The HotDogs! they have won many integers.
Do not seek out what you have here and now. If these tired of you getting it bent butyour roll is still the rock have THE HOT DOGS! Sailing attention: there are no skulls andthere are no flames.