An Alternative to Buying Cannabis from Dispensaries


Although there are countless of evidences on the medical benefits of marijuana, it’s still not legalized in majority of the states in the US. Unfortunately, one of the primary reasons why it’s still strictly prohibited in most states and heavily regulated with the rest is because of the faces that advocate its use. Instead of doctors or patients who have been cured or alleviated their ailments because of marijuana, the loudest advocates are those who want to use them for recreational purposes. The legalization of cannabis in other states may still be in the distant future as long as those who press for its legalization are doing so with a smirk and an underlying agenda.

This is really frustrating for those who legitimately need it for treatment. One of the most notable uses of marijuana in the medical field is to suppress episodes of epilepsy. The ever so popular and equally notorious THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is responsible for this because it binds with most of the cells in the brain that are typically in charge of a person being excited. It has shown to put rats with epilepsy into a relaxed state for almost half a day. Tests on humans also show positive results albeit not as potent when compared to rats. However, it’s still a good sign of the benefits of cannabis.

Another highly commendable use for medical marijuana is its capability to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Again, the THC is at work, slowing down the progression of this disease which may even prevent it altogether in the grim assumption that one wouldn’t live up to a hundred. But to be realistic, expecting to live to a three-digit age is really quite a stretch. The point is, one may enjoy their senior years without having to worry about the said disease making their lives miserable.

Those who have acquired medical marijuana cards are typically frowned upon by the general populace. What’s even more frustrating about this is that they can’t show everyone their card to prove the legitimacy of their marijuana use. Well, technically they can but that would be a total waste of time. Some of those who are holding medical marijuana cards would rather purchase from online purchases provided by¬†marijuana software companies. This way, they are provided with a figurative shield from the judgmental eyes of people who see medical marijuana use as something despicable.