What to Do With Broken System Units

Although computer systems are becoming increasingly advanced in terms of specifications and overall performance, the issue with them breaking down from time to time doesn’t seem to be abating. And this isn’t a problem that would go away any time soon specially because it’s not always the hardware or software’s fault, but sometimes also the user’s. A hardware that’s always used to its limits will meet its demise sooner or later.

At its core, computer parts are still items that are bound by the laws of physics, and will degrade over time even with utmost care. One of the best examples for this is the hard drive. In almost everyone’s perspective, hard drives are capable of storing, changing and deleting data without any limits. But the truth is that each smallest data storage unit in hard drives are reused over and over as data is being edited, deleted or simply moved through periodic decompressions. Over time, these storage spaces called blocks begin to fail one by one. And this is what people refer to as “bad blocks”. This is exacerbated with computer unites that aren’t shut down properly, as the hard drive may be in the process of manipulating data at the moment it is forcefully shut down. In this regard, computer users should always opt to shut down their computers properly. To protect it from accidentally turning off during power fluctuations, buying a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is highly recommended. Not only will it protect the system from sudden shut downs but also prevent losing changes in documents that weren’t saved before the power outage.


During the booting process of a system unit, and it fails to do so, there may sometimes be beeps that may indicate which part is faulty. However, this is not an absolutely reliable means of knowing which part causes the issue because different manufacturers of motherboards typically have different beep codes for it.


On the other hand, it’s also not a good idea to tinker with a broken computer system if the user isn’t prepared to lose their data or some of the parts. Those who want to ensure that their computer is going to be up and running as best as before its breakdown should contact experts such as Buford PC Repair. Some parts of the system unit is quite sensitive and attempting to fix it without prior knowledge would be too risky.