Different Options for Bras

There are numerous types of bras available today, and each of them has their own different designs that may even combine different types of bras altogether. Even though the most common type of bras is still rear-clasp bras, it isn’t always the ideal choice especially when planning on attending a social and glamorous event. It’s most likely that another type of bra is better suited, even if the rear strap bra is strapless.

For a woman wearing a strapless dress with a mostly bare back area, wearing a strapless rear-clasp is a no-no. In this specific scenario, it’s best to be wearing a minimal front-clasp bra that has literally no straps and are held in place by well-designed cups that are able to maintain a good hold on both breasts and keep them slightly closer together. This subsequently causes the cleavage to become more pronounced, thus hitting two birds with one stone. There are bras of this type that have done away with front clasps since technically speaking, it’s not necessary. However, a front clasp for this minimal type of bra allows for better adjustment to fine tune a better fit in the event that one loses or gains weight.


Another popular type of bra islongline bras. A lot of women are already into wearing this kind of bras but are not particularly concerned about what it’s called. This bra has a distinct characteristic of extending to to the waist, and some even to the hips. The latter is somewhat rare since it doesn’t really fit as a practical undergarment. One that would go down to the hips would be prone to rolling up and end up near the waist anyway, so one that’s at waist level is the reasonable option.


The design of longline bras make them ideal for those who want to have more support when wearing a strapless bra. Its design provides this extra security and support because of the better hold it has around the torso. Another great thing about longline bras is that they have the benefit of providing a better fitting look. Most of the designs of Goddess longline bras are deliberately created to do just that. Besides, there’s no reason why designers should hold back with how they design these bras. However, it’s good to know that they don’t take their liberty in designing without taking comfort as well as fashion into account.